Car rental conditions can vary from country to country, car rental provider to provider as well as from car to car. Thus it is always a good advise to look up the particular Car Rental Conditions referring to your rental reference.

How to retrieve the rental conditions for your car rental:

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Car Hire Conditions

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
This represents your responsibility for damage made to the rented car is waived whenever it is involved in a collision. The waiver is limited to a certain sum of money and frequently leaves out glass (windowpanes etc.), tyres and any towing. The waiver normally bears an surplus/allowable of a certain sum; this has in mind that the renter will be responsible for a certain sum for example. In France the amount for some cars is €450.

Vehicle Theft Waiver
This withdraws or cuts down the renter’s responsibility for the unsuccessful theft or theft of the hired car. The waiver may hold an surplus/allowable amount, which has in mind that the renter will be responsible for a certain amount of the value of the stolen car, for instance up to first €2,000 of the damage.

Safety Tip: Dino Car Rental suggests to withdraw the identifying tag that is normally on the key ring of the car and keep it safely elsewhere.

If the car gets stolen and the renter can’t bring back the key that is. the renter was careless and left the key in a conspicuous and susceptible location, the renter might be responsible for the full cost of the car.

Liability Insurance
Every country has a minimal amount of insurance required for somebody to be allowed to drive. This handles the renter’s responsibility for whatsoever harm caused to other people and/or other people’s belongings. It is normally limited to a maximum of €1,000,000. The insurance is limited and there might be surfeit that is. you might be responsible for whatsoever amount of money preceding the value of the insurance.

Premium Location/Airport Fee
These are fees supercharged at a few locations to cover the costs of services in the location.

VAT Local Tax
This is a tax implemented by the authorities on car rental and the percentage differs from country to country.

Road Fund Tax / VLF
This is a charge put on by car rental companies to cover the cost of car licencing.

Unlimited Mileage
Unlimited mileage is enclosed in Dino Car Rental’s rates. A lot of other companies charge this for quickened car derogation.

Break Down Assist
All of Dino Car Rental’s car hire providers feature national assistance should the renter call for it. Please inquire at your local desk for the telephone number and contact details at the time of rental.